What Our Clients Say

”Stef is an inspiring leader and CEO coach. His framework has helped us execute our strategy and has added huge value to our company. We have driven major results in a short period of time by utilizing his prescriptive process. I would highly recommend Stef to any business owner or CEO wanting to scale their business and drive maximum valuation.”

- INC 5000 CEO Scott Landis, Vox Network Solutions-

”Stef is an A grade CEO coach and advisor. In a short period of time he has helped me to exponentially move the needle in scaling my business. We achieved this by looking at every facet, focusing on execution and making the tough decisions to drive results on a what really matters. If you are a CEO or a founder and really want to grow your profits and valuation exponentially fast, you should work with Stef.”

-INC 5000, Jay Fox CEO, Powerplay Corp-

”Stef is an A-grade CEO and founder coach. In a short period of time he has helped us to achieve rapid results by helping us to refine our strategy, growth plan, talent management, organizational structure, tightening our finances, and getting us focused on the right activities to 10 x the value of our company in the fastest, most effective, way. The focus is on problem-solving, action, and results. Stef is the real deal and I would highly recommend CEOs to work with him if they are serious about driving exponential value to their business.”

- INC 5000 CEO, Jason Estes, ICheckgateway.com-

"Stef is a high energy, no nonsense guy. With his extensive experience obtained with Accenture he's able to draw upon the expertise learned and really help us drive our agenda of scaling Virtual Mgr. Stef has grown our business and helped the executive team think from a high level perspective and appoint leaders in key roles. I'd highly recommend Stef to assist any business looking to scale significantly."

-INC 5000 Chairman, Anil Patel, Virtual MGR-

"Stef is an A-Grade Founder, CEO coach and has quickly found ways to add value and support to the executive at Paydock. I would highly recommend Stef to any business owner or CEO wanting to scale their business and set it up for funding, valuation for exits. Stef is particularly good at ensuring that focus is created and aligned with strategic objectives - something that can be particularly hard in the fast moving day-to-day in a startup! "

-Rob Lincolne, Founder and CEO at PayDock-

“ Stef is a wonderful business coach and advisor! He helped us realign our strategic focus and drive both quantitive and qualitative results. I highly recommend Stef and Marco Polo for those business owners and CEO’s seeking to drive performance."

-INC 5000 CEO Joseph Schimizzi, Managed Medical Review Organization, Inc.-

"Stef is a high-energy A grade Founder / CEO coach who has added huge value to our company very quickly. His background and expertise in analysis and general business knowledge combined with his 90-day quick start program get you on track fast. If you are committed to improving your business and willing to do the work the program is awesome. I would recommend Stef to any business owner or CEO wanting to improve their business for family succession or scale their business to set it up for maximum funding, or valuation for an exit."

-INC 5000 CEO Joe Umosella, Intex Millworks Solutionss-

"Stef is an A grade CEO / Founder coach and has added huge value to our company fast. I would highly recommend Stef to any business owner wanting to scale their business and set it up for maximum funding, valuation for exits."

-INC 5000 CEO Steve Contino, Unity Fi Solutions-

"I have known Stefano for 15 years as he was an M&A Advisor to us when I was the founder of Chandler Macleod Group Ltd, Australia's largest independent recruitment firm. Stefano is an excellent advisor to help businesses quickly scale up, providing the opportunity for a high valuation exit. He provides quality advice to CEOs re strategy, funding, scale and exit. His is practical advice that comes from having been a business builder and CEO in addition to understanding P/E ratios, strategic buying and investment banking. If you are looking to scale and exit your business, he can assist you deliver results faster, more efficiently, and with less pain."

-Kevin Chandler Co Founder at Chandler Macleod Group Ltd and Ability Map Pty Ltd-

"I had the pleasure to work with Stefano in his role of head of V&A (M&A, Ventures, etc). Stefano has demonstrated relentless will to acquire targets, shaping deals and rev up the productivity of the team. He did that across multiple countries and across all business of Accenture. He managed to close a crucial deal, positioning the company in a leadership position in a high growth business. He created a pipeline of important deals for my own business and thanks to his network revitalized another "dormant" deal. He did all of this in a very short period of time demonstrating his ability to hit the ground running. His professionalism within the leadership team has been great. He is humble, practical and has a clear sense of what is feasible and what is not. Straight talker, competent and determined."

-Luca Martini Head of EY-Parthenon for Central, Eastern and South Europe (CESA)-

"I have employed Stefano through Corporate Advisory to work with me on a number of projects in the Asia Pacific region: I have hired him to provide experienced and qualified equity and business consulting advice. Although Stefano has a remarkable knowledge of risk within the private equity and banking sector, his knowledge of the market and practical experience in developing and executing strategies for growth puts Stefano at the top of the list of equity and capital raising experts. I would highly recommend his advisory and business services."

-Con Kittos Chairman and CEO at Asuria.-

"Stefano did a great job preparing the IM materials and roadshow the business across Australia, Singapore, and China to VC's and relevant investor groups. He prepared due diligence material and worked hard out of Beijing to have all the materials ready in the right manner for institutional review. Stefano is hard-working, a team player, and cares for his clients. He has high integrity and I recommend him for Investment Banking and Capital raising work. Stefano is hard-working, a team player, and cares for his clients. He has high integrity and I recommend him for Investment Banking and Capital raising work."

-David Kinsman CEO-

"Stefano has done great work to drive significant value to Accenture Japan’s M&A strategy working closely with myself (Japan CFO), the CEO, and Business Unit leaders of Accenture Japan. His global experience (in Asia, and Europe...) and personal energy also bring a valuable touch to managing multicultural, global teams. I highly recommend Stefano."

-Jean Michel Ferrer Chief Financial Officer - Japan / Accenture-

"Stef did a great job to help me make the tough decisions to pivot my business during COVID and set up for an exit. I highly recommend him."

-Dave Williams, 3x founder of Tech Businesses .-

" Working with Stef is a pure delight, he is an A grade Founder, CEO coach and has added huge value to our company fast growth. I would highly recommend Stef to any business owner or CEO wanting to scale their business and set it up for maximum funding, or understanding valuation for exits. Stef is the real deal, an excellent motivator, excellent mentor and has become an excellent friend. Thank you Stef.”

-INC 5000 CEOs Garrette Backie, Clutch Solutions-

" I've had the pleasure of being in many strategic discussions with Stefano and he always impresses me with the clarity of his insights and global perspective on business. He is a no-nonsense, high calibre individual that is a valuable resource and pragmatic rainmaker. "

-Joe, Screnci, Executive Chairman, Hoffmann Reed -

Stefano has been a valued and trusted adviser to me for many years now. Stefano is able to draw on a wealth of knowledge that he gained from his strategy consulting, financial investing and corporate advisory experience. He is highly intelligent and a real driver, with a great attitude and incredibly high energy levels. I highly recommend Stefano in any advisory capacity whether it be in business, strategy, finance or investment. "

-John Balass, Owner & Managing Director, Devex Systems -

"Stefano has been a trusted advisor and adds value with his strategic insights, business acumen, and international connections. He is always happy to help and is an executive with integrity, focus very much orientated on delivering results. This has been of great benefit to the growth of Berlitz Australia over recent time."

-Rohan Baker, Managing Director at Berlitz Australia -

"I hired Stefano to advise me on several strategic matters and placements when I was CEO of Chandler Macleod. He did a great job for me, and the firm, and I used his services on an ongoing basis. He really works for his clients, listens to their needs, and always puts them first. He is always fully committed to achieving his client's goals, no matter how daunting the task may be. He is an intelligent, pragmatic, hard-working individual with high integrity and is very affable. I would recommend him highly to prospective clients. "

-Stephen CartWright OAM, NSW Agent General to UK, EU & Israel -