11/19/20221 min read

Sales are full of nuances. My key mantra is solving not selling. Don’t show up and throw up a spiel. I used to see the armies of salespeople when I worked for multinationals and called them “The sea of empty walking suits," soulless robots just repeating their spiel. One of the nuances is - What’s the difference between opinions versus observations when it comes to customer engagement?

Which one is more effective?

  • Opinions: When asking for an opinion, the client will answer according to their experience. For example “Are you satisfied with the durability of the product” Their opinion will be based on the self-assessment of the product.

  • Observations: “How is the durability of the product’ “Any issues with wastage etc.” The question calls for answers that can be measured. When the customer reveals facts and figures, you can point to how to improve. The customer then realizes the issue that requires a solution, that only your firm can provide.

The idea here is opinion questions lead to “we’re good here” flat answers. Whereas observational questions, allow sales professionals to show facts and present solutions. Additionally, with observational questions, the direction will lead you to be a problem solver for your clients.

Is your sales team working on solving not selling?

Are they being trusted, respected advisors?

Are they engaging in intelligent customized conversations?

If not make the changes, so you put this in place. It works wonders!