11/19/20221 min read

What do the very best business owners and CEOs do to excel in yearly business planning and execution?

I have worked for 30 years with hundreds of CEOs and had thousands of one on ones with some of the best CEOs in the world as a fund manager discussing exactly this.

Working with partners from McKinsey, BCG, and Bain, who specialize in this area for clients.

In the end, it boils down to a simple, 4 step, actionable formula.

1. What exactly do you want with your firm?

2. What activities do you have to execute to get there?

3. What could be the obstacles that may get in the way?

4. How do you hold yourself and the team accountable to get there?

That's it.

Easy, right?

Common sense.

Yet I have found that common sense is not so common.

Very few leaders of firms, especially private ones in the mid-market space, really do this and execute it at 100%.

It's like seeing overweight people wanting to lose weight who says they are dieting, exercising, and doing it all right.

Yet the results are not there.

Something is not being executed properly.

I see CEOs are achieving normal results when they all want exceptional ones.

Yet something is wrong in the chain from strategy to execution. There are blind spots.

We all have them.

Have a look at the four key points above, really focus on them, and ask yourself. "Are you implementing these at 100%?"

If not, see how you can improve.

Or work with someone to help you get there faster.