Drive 3X Industry EBIDTA Growth in 2024

11/2/20231 min read

person writing on white notebook
person writing on white notebook

In the last 12 months, our CEO clients have achieved 2X the CAGR of normal us private company revenue growth and 3 times EBITDA growth compared to the average with the assistance of our guidance.

They have outperformed through a tough cycle from managing Covid to now a higher cost, lower growth, lower demand environment by preparing well with us and executing like professionals.

90% of companies have not achieved the stellar growth our clients have because they did not perform at an elite level.

Here are some of the key points that we turned around or accelerated performance to excel.

  1. Our CEOS committed to PROFITABLE GROWTH at all costs

  2. They optimized resources and cut out non-performing assets early. They mobilized people quickly to where they were most needed and exited any B or C players fast.

  3. They hyper-focused on what would maximize their profitability, the markets, and pricing reallocated resources quickly to achieve that

  4. They created a world-class culture of excellence, teamwork, integrity, innovation

  5. They innovated with technology to deliver their product or services better, faster, and cheaper

  6. They focused on key actions to take this year, quarter, months and put military discipline down the ranks so everybody worked like experienced navy seals in action

  7. They divested all non-core activities and focused on what gets the best results

  8. They became laser-focused on cashflow.

  9. They put funding lines in early and locked them at low rates in case needed a cash buffer with overdraft or loan facilities to cover worst -case scenarios.

Do you want to form and execute a world-class plan for 2024 to make your firm an elite performer, and maximize the value of your firm?