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Maximize your revenue, cashflow, profit, and business valuation for an optimal exit

What We Do

2X cashflow, 3X profits 10X the valuation of your business, optimize your exit price 3X FASTER



We advise clients on navigating the path from where they are to where they want to be in the near future to 10X their business valuation.


Once the 10X strategy is set and a clear map is devised on how to get there, we start working with clients to help them scale up their business.


We work with our clients as they grow to structure and execute bespoke financing solutions across the entire suite of public & private debt & equity transactions.


Our clients aim to triple profits and more than10X their business valuation on exit, maximizing exit price with our help via trade sale to a PE group, a strategic seller or an IPO.


Revenue 3X USA

Average 31% CAGR

EBITDA 5X Nat'l Average 72%


Minimum Dilution <25%

Max & Most Zero

Average Valuation Growth

103% CAGR





We've helped CEOs to drive outsized profit growth, successful 7 to 9 figures exits for maximum price 3X faster than they would alone with less mistakes.


Our competitive edge comes from our people. Stef and his team tend to be more experienced than the norm, having invested in and helped to scale and exit hundreds of companies from 30+ years of experience each in leadership or CEO roles, been entrepreneurs, run PE firms, been large strategic buyers, and know the game inside out from all sides of the business building and deal table.

Stef and his team have a mix of entrepreneur, CEO, private equity, CFO, investment banking, PE and strategy consulting experience to integrate a holistic solution that is based on real experience gained over decades that drives real results for CEOs to scale their business fast and maximize exit price.

Our 10X Value Advantage

Our 3 Tools to 10X the Valuation of Your Business

Based on more than 30 Years of battle-tested strategies, our ‘10X Valuation System’ is responsible for helping hundreds of CEOs & Founders, INC 5000 Leaders to quickly scale their business profits and 10X its valuation (proven to work across multiple industries) by driving a higher level strategy, talent, financial and execution upgrade.

Stef Solferini MBA, BSC

World-class global advisor- successfully helped hundreds of private businesses to $190bn ones publicly listed ones.

Advised Inc 5000 business owners, entrepreneurs, and CEOs working at UBS, Citi, JPMorgan, and Accenture to get more profits, fund, and sell for max sale price.

CEO of a Private Equity Firm buying, scaling, exiting assets with 46% IRR.

Founded a global funds management business from scratch. Scaled, funded, and grew internationally.

Ran investments, Mergers & Acquisitions at Accenture for the Asia Pacific and growth markets, buying tech businesses exiting across the region.

Board Member: Swiss Chamber of Commerce, private companies.

Two business degrees, MBA with scholarship, MBS, Kellogg, Northwestern University, USA.

Worked in more than 100 countries, speaks 5 languages.

What Our Clients Say

”Stef is an inspiring leader and CEO coach. His framework has helped us execute our strategy and has added huge value to our company. We have driven major results in a short period of time by utilizing his prescriptive process. I would highly recommend Stef to any business owner or CEO wanting to scale their business and drive maximum valuation.”

- INC 5000 CEO Scott Landis, Vox Network Solutions-

”Stef is an A grade CEO coach and advisor. In a short period of time he has helped me to exponentially move the needle in scaling my business. We achieved this by looking at every facet, focusing on execution and making the tough decisions to drive results on a what really matters. If you are a CEO or a founder and really want to grow your profits and valuation exponentially fast, you should work with Stef.”

-INC 5000 CEO, Jay Fox, Powerplay Corporation-

" Working with Stef is a pure delight, he is an A grade Founder, CEO coach and has added huge value to our company fast growth. I would highly recommend Stef to any business owner or CEO wanting to scale their business and set it up for maximum funding, or understanding valuation for exits. Stef is the real deal, an excellent motivator, excellent mentor and has become an excellent friend. Thank you Stef.”

-INC 5000 CEOs Garrette Backie, Clutch Solutions-

”Stef is an A-grade CEO and founder coach. In a short period of time he has helped us to achieve rapid results by helping us to refine our strategy, growth plan, talent management, organizational structure, tightening our finances, and getting us focused on the right activities to 10 x the value of our company in the fastest, most effective, way. The focus is on problem-solving, action, and results. Stef is the real deal and I would highly recommend CEOs to work with him if they are serious about driving exponential value to their business.”

- INC 5000 CEO, Jason Estes,

Maximize Profit Growth And Exit Price!

What Successful INC 5000 Entrepreneurs, CEOs have to say about the excellent PROFIT AND EXIT PRICE RESULTS from working with us

INC 5000 CEO, Jason Estes,

INC 5000 CEO, Jay Fox, Powerplay Corporation

INC 5000 CEO Scott Landis, Vox Network Solutions

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